Sunday, November 8, 2009

Great Kids Book about Triops

Photographer Lori Adams sent me
a review copy of the new book she produced with author Helen Pashley about triops. This book is the reference you'll need when you try raising these frisky little critters for yourself. It has all the information you'll need, plus lots of clear, well-marked photos so you can identify what you're seeing. I recommend it highly. Order it through Little Science books.

You can also order triops kits through Amazon or directly from Triassic Triops (but I get a small kickback from Amazon, and shipping is free)!

See my post about triops on GeekDad. The comments are pretty funny, too.


John Tedder said...

Kathy, Your blog looks really nice. I tried to grow some pumpkins this year too. I guess I picked the wrong year.

Good luck.

ginabobina said...

hi there, i know this seems random but i was just wandering if you had any ideas of an experiment i could carry out? i need to conduct an experiment over 5 months and report on it...which is why i have this blog because that's how it will be marked.
thanks a million,
hope to hear your thoughts

triopslord said...

I am an expert triops grower owning all species but tgranarius and a couple of sub species even know a few natural habitats this book looks intresting ill have to look it over some day :)