Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Root Beer

This week for chemistry, we decided to make root beer (To learn about yeast.) We used the yeast to carbonate the soda, and we more or less followed the instructions on this site
We actually made two bottles using different methods. Here are the two methods we used:

The flavoring syrup

Bottle #1

For this one, we took all the ingredients in the original instructions, but we dissolved the sugar on the stove until it was a syrup, than we mixed the rest of the ingredients (plus a packet of Maltodextrin To make it thicker) into the syrup, and poured the syrup into the bottle along with about a liter of water.

The flavoring being poured into the bottle

Bottle #2
For this bottle we pretty much followed the instructions on the website. Also, we didn't add any Maltodextrin.

A glass of the finished project

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Anonymous said...

Looks good! Love your blog - I'll be back. Lucie