Thursday, September 25, 2008

Squash Blossoms

A visiting friend saw our pumpkin flowers and mentioned that her Aunt Lena used to love to cook them. I'd heard of sauted squash blossoms, so -- since our pumpkin plants are still spreading across the lawn, even as the nights dip down into the 40s -- I looked up some recipes.

I only gave them a quick glance, but it looked like you could cook any kind of squash blossom, summer or winter, and do basically anything with them. I picked a handful, washed them off, pulled off the woody cap at the bottom (which came along with the stamen, covered in pollen) and threw them on top of my pizza.

The taste was interesting. The only negative is that, having eaten that pizza myself (my husband threatened to take the kids out to eat if I tried to "share" it with them, so they got squash-free pizzas of their own), my mouth started tingling. Apparently those of us with hayfever can suffer a cross-reaction with pumpkin pollen -- at least if they eat as much as I did.

Some ice cream soothed it.

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