Monday, February 2, 2009

Hydroponics Update

What happened to the first crop:
For our project this month, we've been growing more hydroponics plant (lettuce and cherry tomatoes this time.) Unfortunately, after the second day growing them, all the plants grew moldy, and we had to throw them out and start over.
Starting over:
We've been growing them in plastic cups now, and we use cocoa fiber soil. The new ones haven't grown any noticeable mold, and have been growing pretty nicely. We have noticed that the tomatoes aren't growing as fast as the lettuce, though.

Improving our set-up:
On day 18, we moved the lights closer to the plants, so they would absorb more light. Also, we moved the shelf closer to the heating vent.

Moving to bigger quarters:
We also recently moved the tomato plants into some empty milk cartons we cut holes in, and they've been growing at a faster rate now. They should be ready to harvest in about a week. So, the project has been going pretty well so far.
Saratoga Organics, a local hydroponics store, where we bought some of our supplies.

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